Scada on Gepon

SCADA Solution Based on GEPON

SCADA Solution for Utility Company based on GEPON

In utility company’s network, various different terminal units need to be integrated into network for meeting industrial applications of centralized monitoring and meter reading. It includes Distribution Terminal Unit, Remote Terminal Unit, Feeder Terminal Unit, Ammeter etc. So if remote device could be designed to provide serial access freely, it will be easy and convenient for SCAD management.


  • Reliable SCADA system for utility companies and transportation systems
  • Supports various high speed data, Ethernet, VOIP services and IPTV service on flexible GEPON platform.
  • Redundancy PON link protection switching
  • RS232/RS485 port can support serial port rate 300/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps for automatic meter reading
  • Redundant design for transmission line and system power supply